Children Bathroom for Little Girls

We all know that a bathroom is a place for relaxing while cleaning out our body after a long, demanding day. But, it is not exclusively relaxing for adults. The bathroom can be a fun space for children as well. But, we do not have to use interesting concept for the children bathroom. We can keep the bathroom for our little babies straightforward and modern too.

This gorgeous children bathroom will use the dotty details extensively. The circular details can be found almost everywhere. Besides, the holey metal can be a proper decoration too. For example is to cover one side of the shower room that is using the extra space of the bathtub, which will match perfectly with the silver tone of the shower and its knobs. Or, it can be used to decorate the outer side of the bathtub as well. The details can be found on the sink as well, to offer an accent for the bathroom, and for the wall lamps, that will glow the golden tone softly and create an attractive shadow on the wall.

Choose the beige color for the bathroom so you will not have to worry about the color combination from the new stuff you will bring inside. For example is the color of the shampoo or soap bottle for kids that often come in bright colors like yellow and green, or the color of your child’s towel like violet or blue. Also, use the white color for the cabinet, closet, and shower room walls.

Do not forget to add small yet significant details like a transparent glass door. This can be used to teach your kid about privacy. Yet, the door can be utilized for safety reason, avoiding your boy slipping in and falling outside the tub, which will cause injury. Place a bronze chair outside the shower room, so your child can dry the body safely. For a lovely decoration in the beautiful children bathroom for girls, you can also add small decoration like a flower shaped wrought iron.

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